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R4511 table alignment

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  • R4511 table alignment

    trying to align the table to the blade... I have the four top to cabinet screws and the ground strap loose, I still can't quite get it, as I'm off by about a 16th of an inch front to back. The blade is at 90 and is straight. The only way I can get it perfect is if I totally remove the screws and then they won't go back in. Has anyone had to drill out the holes on the cabinet to allow additional movement? Am I missing anything? I got good grades in school, but that was primarily because I sucked up to the teachers really well....

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    Re: R4511 table alignment

    I am just now going through the same process you are. I was fortunate enough to get the saw aligned to the miter slot to .001, but the back of the table was at the limit of what it could be adjusted. I don't remember whether it was right or left.

    I had a little more problem aligning the table with the blade at 45 deg and couldn't get it closer than .014. I wen't through a series of adjusting the shims but couldn't get it any closer than with the factory shims. I'm wondering if that is going to be a problem.

    Here's a link explaining how to align the table top:

    It won't pass the real old nickle test yet but I think that can be fixed with the leveling legs and a new nickle. I haven't started aligning the fence or mitre guage. The knife/splitter alignment seems to be difficult. The instructions are wrong. The adjustments are behind the saw blade.

    Good luck, it sure looks to be a good saw for the money.


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      Re: R4511 table alignment

      Thanks, I ended up having to drill out the holes on the cabinet to get me the extra adjustment room... I'm much closer, probably in the range you discussed. I wonder who wrote the instructions for the assembly and adjustment... was he drunk or on drugs???


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        Re: R4511 table alignment

        that 4511 table alignment thread and the document prepared by davewoodwork are first rate. wish he'd buy a large, welded steel frame band saw so his attention would be focused on something i'm working on.
        there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.