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  • 3660 Splitter Mod

    I was looking at my 3660 the other day and thought... why not.
    Has anyone else made a mod like this?

    I like to be able to see my cuts as they pass the blade and the whole guard thing just wasn't working. I tried this mod, cut some stock and it seems to work well.

    Obviously not as good as a riving knife (doesn't raise and lower with the blade, but keeps the wood from binding just the same.

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    Re: 3660 Splitter Mod

    i did something like that. i got a splitter/blade guard from a 3650 and removed the blade guard, leaving the full height splitter in its factory shape and configuration. does the job of eliminating binding and preventing kickback (still has the anti-kickback pawls). may not look too pretty, but it does the job. still.....a riving knife would be nice....
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