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Registered Product not added to my list.

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  • Registered Product not added to my list.

    I'm not sure this is the right place for the question but I was wondering if others had this happen and what they did to resolve it.

    Back in June I sent in my warranty registration for my new 18 Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Drill.
    I then completely forgot about it.
    Checking my registry area on the Ridgid website I find it was not added into my list of products that I own.

    Now what?

    I have sent the question in to the warranty question area but has anyone else had to deal with this and how was it resolved.

    Oh and yes I photocopied everything before mailing it in.

    Thanks for any insight on this.

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    Re: Registered Product not added to my list.

    all the tools in my dashboard took months to register. follow up is the recommended approach. i usually wait 8-9 months, then call and keep pestering whoever i get on the phone to accept a faxed copy of my registration info and simply become an incredibly unbearable pest at that point until the subject items are added to the dashboard. bottom line, it takes a while. and at some point, you may have to become a really squeaky wheel to get some oil. HTH. good luck
    there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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      Re: Registered Product not added to my list.

      Ditto on FINER9998's comment.

      When I purchased my new 3660 it still wasn't on my dashboard after 7 months. A quick call (with a positive attitude) and the nice lady placed LSA next to my TS3660 on my DB.

      Follow up and you should be fine. BTW, it wasn't instant, it took a day or so to appear online.

      Good luck!


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        Re: Registered Product not added to my list.

        I did email via my dashboard and I got the following reply today:

        The processing department is currently working on April warranties. Due to the increased volume that has been sent in, they are a little behind. I assure you that your account will be updated.

        Best regards,

        Tim Beasley
        Consumer Response
        One World Technologies, Inc.

        So now at least I know.
        Thanks for your input everyone.