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MS1250LZ1 Laser Problem

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  • MS1250LZ1 Laser Problem

    At the last HD Ultimate Power Tool sale I picked up an MS1250LZ1 miter saw. I installed the "exactline" laser per the instructions. However, the laser line is off to the left of the cut. When the blade is all the way up, it's like 1/4" off, but moves closer to the cut (but never all the way to the cut) as you lower the blade. In other words, it's useless. Unfortunately, I didn't know at the time that I bought it that this model didn't have an adjustable laser like the MS1250LZA.

    Am I the first one to have this problem with the laser on the MS1250LZ1, or does everybody have this problem?

    Does anybody know how to fix/adjust the laser that comes with the MS1250LZ1?

    What about the adjustable laser kit for the MS1250LZA? Does it fit the MS1250LZ1?


    - Jay

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    Re: MS1250LZ1 Laser Problem

    Had the same problem and was never able to completely resolve it. Finally bought the Dewalt with the adjustable laser.

    Big G