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R86920 LED flashlight

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  • R86920 LED flashlight

    Anyone using this Ridgid light?
    I'm curious as to:

    1. run time
    2. type LED 1W or 3W
    3. lumens in specifications
    4. how useful is this design
    5. beam pattern

    I only see this on E-bay and no one can answer the questions.
    It seems they buy kits and split them to resell on e-ham.

    I don't have a problem with that as I don't need an entire kit for a single tool.

    Oh it seems Ridgid also has introduced a lithium-ion 18V 2.2AH battery for
    a plumbing tool....Will this battery also work on the power tools as the photos I've seen
    show the design a bit different. I think it's missing the side clips????

    Cactus Man
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    Re: R86920 LED flashlight

    Gosh, I must be the only one with this style Ridgid light!
    I just received it via E-Bay this afternoon

    I'm not going to leave it on until a 3ah battery runs down.....
    I suspect it will run for at least 8 hours or longer. I do not know what happens when the battery runs down..will the LED flash, go dim, or just stop illuminating? I'll determine that
    eventually. But I will comment on its other virtues.

    The style is nice and compact. Basically it's the same size as the 18VDC style battery.
    The swivel is about 180 degrees. It does not have any detentes and rotates easily.
    To me, the swivel seems loose but the lamp stays where you set it.
    There is no way to increase the friction of the swivel.

    The light output is a nice beam. The LED looks similar to the LUXEON 1Watt style.
    The color is white to a cool white without any shadows or dead spots.
    For those of you familiar with the light a 1Watt LUXEON LED produces you won't be disappointed. The reflector is smooth and the lens feels like plastic. You can not open it to really tell.

    The on/off switch is built into one side and is such where you won't accidentally turn off the light when moving it. It is a push on/off switch and does require an intentional push to operate. The switch is on the same side as the wrist strap, right side. Probably designed by a right handed engineer.

    Since the battery is the base for the light it is not top heavy nor will it tip over. I do not
    have the smaller rated 1 1/2Watt battery but I suspect it is the same for balance.

    It's a shame Ridgid will not allow Home Depot to sell this by itself. They would sell a truck load of them!

    I recommend this light.

    Cactus Man
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      Re: R86920 LED flashlight

      Thanks for the description. I got one of those lights in a combo kit that is not sold any more. They replaced this light with a rather large ugly one that uses a compact florescent light.

      I don't know if I'll ever use it, but I did like the more compact design of this one, verses the new. ( I got the kit as it's $100 less ), so basically it was like buying the impact drivers, and getting the compact drill, recip saw and light for free.