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How to tell life left in drill

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  • How to tell life left in drill

    I've got a 1/2inch 12V full size with side handle, two batt charger, hard case and 2 batts. One of the batts is going soft, not holding a full charge and I expect the other to follow in the next 9 months or so. I was wondering how to tell if it was worth buying replacement batteries for this drill. I bought this just before the lifetime warranty started which tells you how old it is. So far it's been tough as nails but I'd rather buy new if the drill it's self is going to quit soon. I've driven everything (but masonry) with it, lags, spade bits, Forstners you name it. When you pull the trigger it's still got enough (with a charged batt) to torq the whole drill in my hand.
    So how do I find out if the drill is leaving or here to stay? That odd acrid odor after use? Seeing the occasional spark inside the case?