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Twin Stack Air Compressor leaky regulator fix

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  • Twin Stack Air Compressor leaky regulator fix

    I've had the OF45175 for about 6 months now with very light use. The regulator started leaking air with the output pressure anywhere from 0psi and up.

    After disassembling the regulator knob. (pulled the brass? pin out and unscrewed the knob off all the way) I cleaned out the chalky looking dust and put a very light coating of 3 in 1 on the rubber ring around the plastic disk. It all works perfectly now.

    What do Rigid use to lubricate or seal this mechanism from new ? It seems like what I've done fixes it, but I don't want to corrode the rubber.

    got to admit though I don't know what fixed it... the cleaning, or the oil..


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    Re: Twin Stack Air Compressor leaky regulator fix

    I had the top part off and cleaned but still leaking after attempt one, I was ready to buy a new one. After your advice I broke down the lower half (below the diaphram). There was so much gunk down there it was easy to see that this was the issue. I soaked everything in 3 in 1 for about 10 minutes. It works as it should with no leaks. Before, it had to be at full pressure or the regulator would leak. Now I can adjust the out pressure with the tank gauge staying put.

    Thanks for your help.
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