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Husky THD950L Tile Saw

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  • Husky THD950L Tile Saw

    I'm looking at purchasing this for my first tile job, but have a question about the sizing. I'm laying 12" porcelain tile in a diamond pattern with a 2" insert, meaning a little over an inch will be cut off the corner of 4 tiles to make that pattern. The diagonal of 12" tile is about 17 inches.

    The description is as follows: "Expandable table for rip cuts up to 22" and diagonal cuts up to 16" and here is the link...

    Can I make the cut with this saw using the fence at a 45 degree or would the tile be too big? The home depot guy has already steared me wrong with a different saw (Ryobi WS720SBF) so I really need some help. Thanks.