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24V battery in 18V tool

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  • 24V battery in 18V tool

    I bought a 24v combo kit (R931) and the batteries or charger died. They are being evaluated at a service center. I bought the new LI/ION 5pc 18 volt kit today, so I can continue to work while I am waiting for the 24v stuff to get back. I know the 18v batteries will work in the 24v tools. The 18v and 24v tools spec and look very similar. Can 24v batteries be used in the current 18v tools? The reason I ask, is if any of my maxselect tools go down, I would rather use the 24v batteries in all of my tools unless they are dead. I am considering returning the 18v kit if I can't use the 24v batteries with it and scouring the planet to find an R931 or R932 kit. Any suggestions?

    Funny thing.... I asked one of the guys at HD why they don't carry the 24v line anymore and he said they were recieving complaints of users getting hurt by the drills. Not women.... grown men.