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is this dewalt drill any good?

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  • is this dewalt drill any good?

    i am thinking about purchasing a dewalt 18v compact cordless drill with the half inch chuck and i am wondering if it is any good or has anyone has had problems with it? Major minor problems all answers accepted.

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    Re: is this dewalt drill any good?

    Very good drill. I think you would be happy with it. I did my entire basement around 1000 sq/ft with it. Charger times are ok, and I am talking about the not lithium Ion battery one 18V XRP. Lasted me great for almost 5 years. I did experiance some issues with the dewalt service department which in my opinion were really minor because the Drill till this day is SPOTLESS no marks on it at all and I did take care of it just like anything I own. Lets just say that they said I abused it and well.... I know I did not hehe How many guys do you know that blow wood dust with their air blow gun after they are done the job? But that is only my opinion about their service department. Other than that I was very happy with the drill untill it failed.