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performax 10-20 drum sander

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  • performax 10-20 drum sander

    i have a chance to buy one of these used.

    it dates to 2005 and is in good condition. comes with the stand and caster set, which were individual options in 2005. in what situations are these most useful? most of my work now is home improvement stuff using mostly dimensional lumber and sheet goods. i want to get into cabinetry and maybe some furniture building in the future. how important is a drum sander to those long term objectives? i'd also appreciate thoughts on the value of such an item. thanks.
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    Re: performax 10-20 drum sander

    MY opinion,

    I many years ago built a 38 inch wide drum sander, and it is a fairly nice machine, and is nice to clean up glued up panels, but it is or will clear a 36 inch wide "board" in one pass,

    now I may be wrong but I can not really see how it can do a good job of only sanding half and to do a good job of meeting at the center or lapping at the center.
    I think many thought they were buying a substitute planer that would sand,

    even with course paper I am not impressed with mine for any heavy stock removal,
    I could see it to clean up dirty or old lumber for the planer,

    I my self would not see much use for that narrow of tool, (basically 10"),

    but if the price was right I would probably buy it, but it would have be fairly low for me to want to bring it home for my shop. (and I am not saying that do to the other sander), but I may find a use for it that I am not seeing right now,

    if it was one of the wider units I would be much more positive,

    here are some reviews, but most are referring to the wider units, If it was 22-44 I would say go for it,
    another review

    post #15 you may find of some interest


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      Re: performax 10-20 drum sander

      bhd...thanks for the info. and thanks for noticing the 1000th post.
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