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12" MS1290LZ blade is not parallel to the slide tubes

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  • 12" MS1290LZ blade is not parallel to the slide tubes

    I just purchased this saw used and found that the saw does not cut straight using the slide. I checked the blade and from front to back as you slide the blade back to front is .035" off parallel. This leaves a cut that is off square. I have checked all the adjustments in the manuel and made everything square. Since the blade is set 90 to the fence it will cut a 90 cut when locked and used as a chop saw. I have seen posts here with people having the same problem. I would like to know if there is anyway to cure this problem. Thanks for your help.


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    I have had the same saw for years, but never used it for any accurate work. I noticed the problem (mine was .025"), after look for a answer here and other places and finding nothing I looked at the design. I noticed that there was a set screw that held the pivot shaft in place (only one on the right side). This causes the clearances in the shaft to hole to be push off to one side making the front of the blade off to the right. I loosened the set screw and the blade was now parallel to the slide (.003"). The spring pushes the shaft against the back of the hole. As a permanent fix I added a second set screw on the other side (there is already a relief on the shaft for it to hit on).
    I thought even though this is old I would document what worked for me in case someone else still net the info.


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      You know, if they actually had an adjustment there in order to make the angle of the blade parallel to the slide they would eliminate most of people's problems. Everything else is adjustable except for that link. I'm glad you mentioned the set screws because this is exactly where I figured the problem was with mine. Facing the saw, the blade edge closest to me is angled to the right some. I hadn't looked to see where the set screw was yet so hopefully that will fix my issue as well.

      Thanks for noting your fix.