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  • Ridgid r4007 wet saw

    I need help with my r4007. It cut fine at the beginning, but then kept getting worst. The table seemed to be binding and it would crack the tile about an inch from the end. The adjustment rollers are a joke on here. I got fed up and returned the saw and got a new one. The new one is starting to do the same thing. The first day of use, it's beautiful. Nice, straight cuts. Now it's starting to drift as I cut. As much as an 1/8 inch or more on a 12" tile. The only thing I can think of is that they give you a cheap blade with the unit, and it's wearing out. Any suggestions???


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    Re: Ridgid r4007 wet saw

    My opinion: RIDGID R4007 is not rigid.
    I have had this saw for almost one year now. It is ALMOST a very, very good saw! Somebody tried to design a great saw here... but the saw seems to drift out of alignment. Cuts are not straight, even after aligning the table to the blade. Here is my opinion: The structure that attaches the saw to the table is not rigid. If you are cutting a hard material like porcelain and push against the blade, the structure deflects, causing the blade to aim more to your right. On a small tile, the deviation is small. On a 12" or larger tile, the blade "wants" to travel this rightward trajectory but cannot, putting more and more pressure on the tile sometimes causing the tile to snap near the end. There is also a bit of play in the table, but I haven't dealt with that.

    HOW I DEAL WITH IT: for the price, it is probably still a bargain. It can cut 18" tiles on a diagonal and handles 24" tiles straight. I bought a Hot Dog blade ( the mediocre blade that comes with it only makes things worse because you have to push harder) and changed the way I cut hard tile: I use the plunge capability to score the tile lightly, keeping one hand on the slide table and one hand on the saw. Then I make two more cuts so that the diamond coating on the blade is just buried in the tile. Then I do a "normal" cut with the blade fully lowered. The blade follows the existing cut and I get a pretty good result that way. It sounds like it would take a lot longer, but it is almost the same and the cuts are much nicer. Someday I will try a high quality, thicker blade to see if that minimizes the deflection. I think the Hot Dog blade may compound the problem since it is so thin.

    If I were cutting tile for a living, I would not use this saw. Too much time is spent compensating for its deficiencies. I would pony up more money for a better saw, or buy a good used workhorse. But given my location, good used stuff isn't always available so I made the decision to buy the Ridgid. A homeowner or DIYer could do worse. You just have to be very patient with this saw to get good results. Everytime I try to hurry it this saw disappoints.



    1. 24" tile capacity ( I have used it to cut 32X18" granite lengthwise)
    2. cuts 18" tile diagonally (this is the main reason I bought it!)
    3. plunge cutting, great for making square holes!
    4. Nice mitre cuts.
    5. Strong motor (but noisey)
    6. Has wheels, easy to move around.
    7. Lifetime Warranty (means I will be stuck with this thing forever?)

    1. Saw mount deflection.
    2. Difficult to adjust table (honestly I have cursed for hours adjusting it)
    3. Folding stand seems less sturdy than it should be.
    4. It seems to get out of alignment when you leave it in storage (???)


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      Re: Ridgid r4007 wet saw

      I bought the R4007 last week and used it for 2 days cutting 18" porcelain tile. It did a great job until the laser stopped working properly. Instead of a nice thin cutting line I just get a red dispersed light. Any ideas why this is happening?