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Ridgid expanding its line of Li ion tools?

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  • Ridgid expanding its line of Li ion tools?

    Does anyone know if Ridgid is planning to come out with an expanded line of Li ion tools? So far I only see drills/drivers, recip and circular saws and a light. An expanded line would definitely make Ridgid a more competitive choice to Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, etc.


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    Re: Ridgid expanding its line of Li ion tools?


    It's probably anyone's guess. Funny you should ask as I just had a conversation with an "orange apron" about TTI's big three: Milwaukie, Ridgid, and Ryobi. His perspective was that Milwauki was the brand in which all the new innovative products were introduced and that Ryobi got the old "tried and true" which was de-engineered to a cheaper and less reliable product. He felt that Ridgid was a good reliabe "workers" tool line, but not one which was "innovative".

    To a large extent I disagree with him. Milwaukie is innovative and has a history of very good, reliable products, but I think much of that innovation is in the improvement of existing products.

    If I were TTI, I think the logical and most cost effective place to introduce new products (especially with a new power source like Li-Ion) is the Ryobi brand; AND, if they work well and have proven themselves to be a popular tool, I'd migrate it, with further improvement, to the Ridgid brand. Using of course, stronger, better materials, motors, etc. to fit the "trades" professional market.

    Certainly I see that will the Li-Ion tools. In the last couple of years we've seen a stream of bright green Ryobi products with Li-Ion power. Some seem questionable in today's market, but who knows what the sales figures are. Also, I'm sure TTI is looking closely at any service problems that may pop up. Those that prove themselves may well be worthy of moving to the Ridgid line, with new designs to upgrade their material/build components for the longer reliability that the Ridgid brand demands.

    I guess my experience tells me that you don't want to introduce a product with a LLSA plan that will replace batteries and chargers and other components for "life" ... unless they are proven! It would be better to put them on the market with a limited 2-year warranty. That way, if they prove to be prone to problems (like some reports say Li-Ion batteries are), your responsibility ends after two years. But, if the Ridgid brand expands it's line with a product that doesn't work well with Li-Ion, they're stuck with servicing it and supplying new batteries for it, almost forever!

    So, I'd watch the Ryobi line... and expect that their success tools may well find themselves muscled up and wearing Ridgid orange.



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      Re: Ridgid expanding its line of Li ion tools?

      That is an interesting thought but might be flawed in some ways.

      Ryobi is known to be the DIY inexpensive tool line. The type of customer who would by this line is not willing to spend any amount of money for the products and is the occasional worker to use them.

      If you want to get an industrial look at how some new technology is going to be accepted in the market place, and how well it will stand up, you need to move it to a market line that is willing to spend the money for the R&D.

      It is far simpler to strip something well build down to simpler components that won't last as well but are designed for low usage, than it is to go the other way. From the TTI point of view, developing in the Milwaukie line is benificial as it doesn't have the LLSA to deal with, but is considered an industrial duty line of equipment.

      Where TTI has gone wrong is in the promotion and marketing end of the business. Dewalt did it right in giving millions to the TV Show industry and schools. They splash their name on just about everything so it is seen as being what professionals use. As perception is everything, when you hire a contractor to come in to do some work for you, you see what tools they work with. They have it in their mind that Dewalt is the tools that all professionals use, so you will ask why your contractor isn't. If you see it, and are taught in school using it, then most likely you will use it when you start your career.

      I am not a "professional" and am one of those DIY people, except I have an Engineering background and want to buy quality. I have bought Ridgid because of the LLSA and also based on price. I don't want cheep and will pay more for a product to get my perceived quality.

      I don't think that TTI would get ROI if they developed for Ryobi as it's the wrong market.



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        Re: Ridgid expanding its line of Li ion tools?

        I'm a traveling technician and a tool freak, that means driver's weight has to be less w/ the pro quality to do my job. I'm curious to know if Ridgid will be releasing any type of subcompact impact drivers?? similar to this Makita

        Ridgid only has the right angle impact driver, which is good for screwing but i need 12v w/800 or 900 lb in of torque (max)

        i been waiting since this summer for a compact impact driver from Ridgid but can't now as i'm getting really busy and it's about time. I can probably wait another month but that's it.

        Someone please shed some light.


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          Re: Ridgid expanding its line of Li ion tools?

          Ridgid does have a 12 volt impact driver. It is sold with a 12v drill in a kit for $189. I have it and I like it. I normally keep a drill kit in the back seat of my truck and when I got this kit that is what rides with me now. It is small and powerful. For some reason it is not showing up on the Ridgid Tool or Home Depot site but that is common. Here is a link to the 12 volt drill. The impact driver looks very similar to it.



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            Re: Ridgid expanding its line of Li ion tools?

            FYI: Milwaukee 12V Li ion power tools just got a power boost. I have not invested in Ridgid 12V yet but this looks interesting:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	48-11-2402.jpg
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            New High Capacity Milwaukee M12 XC Battery 48-11-2402 will have double the run time of the standard M12