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how to select pressure washer

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  • how to select pressure washer

    which is better pressure washer for cleaning tractor and farm equipments. Some of my friends recommended me to buy (3000 psi) and flow rate (5 GPM) is good for me.
    What's your opinion .

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: how to select pressure washer

    Maybe you should rent one of the size you're considering and see how it does on your jobs before you buy.

    I use an 11 hp 4000 psi Craftsman that I bought new on eBay. There are probably better brands, but this one was a good deal and has been working well for about 3 years. For a pressure washer, I would rather have a unit that is a little more than I need rather than not quite enough.


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      Re: how to select pressure washer

      Trust me on this one (11 years as a John Deere tech). The key is hot water and high GPM. Pressure isn't all that important when cleaning tractors and farm implements. A good hot water PW with a diesel or propane fired burner is what you want. Even 1000 psi @ 4 gpm combined with hot water will run rings around 4000 psi @ whatever gpm for cleaning tractors. High PSI + cold water just blows paint off tractors... and the paint chips will still be dirty.
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