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TS3650 Table Saw Locating Problem

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  • TS3650 Table Saw Locating Problem

    Can't seem to find the box 2 of 2 of this saw. Several HDs in my area have the box 1 of 2 at a very low clearance price. What's the best way to locate box 2 of this saw? Can it still be purchased new from Ridgid or Home Depot? The sku is 105-495.
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    Re: TS3650 Table Saw Locating Problem

    Its been soooo long ago that I assembled my saw that I'm not sure if I remember correctly but isn't box 2 of 2 the fence and rail system? If that's all that's in that box then maybe you might want to think about buying a different fence and rail system for the saw. If the price is right for box 1 of 2 this might be a doable deal.
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      Re: TS3650 Table Saw Locating Problem

      I thought about that but can you use a different fence and rail system that is not made for that particiular brand? They said that some were making fences out of wood and clamping them on and that if I was not going to cut long pieces I wouldn't need the rail.


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        Re: TS3650 Table Saw Locating Problem


        Welcome to the Ridgid forum!

        As I recall, the TS3650 was packaged in two boxes, with the second (2 of 2) box containing the fence rails, which were two, single-piece in length, one front and one back. I'm not sure about the mounting hardware for it though. But in any case, it looks like you already know about that.

        There was an upgrade of the model to the TS3660 and as far as I know the biggest change appeared to be that IT was all packaged in one box, with the rails redesigned as 2-pieces in length which would then be connected together (much like the recent 4511 rails). Easier to package I guess.

        So, my first question would be whether these newer 2-piece (3660) rails will fit on the older 3650. And if so, whether they would be easier to obtain either directly from Ridgid or through one of the parts suppliers like M and D Mower. (

        I do recall reading some post in the past where a Ridgid tool was purchased from Home Depot with certain parts knowingly missing and obviously lost by the store (much like your description), and that (in that particular post anyway) Ridgid supplied the parts without much of a problem or cost. I suggest that you explore that avenue too.

        Personally, I think the suggestion by the store associate to "clamp a piece of wood to the table top" is beyond absurd! But, I have come to expect such things from orange aprons... it's part of a growing legend.

        The 3650 saw has a great reputation and I was sorry to see it go before I had a chance to buy one. I wish you luck and hope my post is helpful,



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          Re: TS3650 Table Saw Locating Problem

          I know nothing about this place but taking a quick look on eBay I found this eBay store wilth a bunch of RIDGID and Craftsman parts

          The reason I looked on eBay was a couple years ago there was a guy who had a dozen or so rail sets for the 3650 for sale cheap.
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            Re: TS3650 Table Saw Locating Problem

            xtool...i have a rail kit (that's box 2) for the 3650/60. and i'm in westchester county, NY. if you are interested, let me know. if you need more info, send me a private message and we can discuss further.
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              Re: TS3650 Table Saw Locating Problem

              Thanks for all the info and leads! I'll look into them and get back to you.

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                Re: TS3650 Table Saw Locating Problem

                Please forgive me if I'm talking out of turn here - but I purchased my
                3650 at HD and they could not find the #2 box as well. The Ryobi rep
                just happened to be in the store and said that if I took the saw he would
                personally see to it that I had the rails (box#2) in a week.
                $187.00 out the door tax included - I couldn't say no.

                10 days later I picked up my box with the rails - however there were no
                end caps in the box - I called Rigid (Phone # on the website) the end caps
                were shipped and I had them 3 days later - no screw of course...

                But my point would be if the saw is cheap enough - buy it - make HD
                sign that you are receiving only box 1 of 2 and then call Rigid and tell
                them you are missing parts.

                Rigid had the end caps drop shipped to me from
                I think they are a major parts distribution warehouse for many tool
                companies - you could check there for availability.
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