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  • Table saw extensions

    My 10" table saw has stamped steel extensions. (UGH!) I would like to replace them with melamine panels for smoothness and possibly to add router table capability on one side. Several questions have arisen in my mind as follows:

    1. What thickness melamine should I use? Keep in mind the attaching holes on the saw top are only 3/4" down from the cast iron table (to the center of the mounting holes, maybe I could use nustserts or something like that in the end of the melamine but that might weaken it structurally) and the mounting holes for the fence rails are about 1 1/8" down.

    2. I was thinking of using 1/2" melamine but that isn't really thick enough for a router table base. Can I glue and screw an extra thickness of melamine in the area of the router base to gain the thickness needed?

    3. If I make the extensions wider than the original stamped steel ones, should I add legs for support and casters for movability and what would be a good width for them? (The steel extensions are only 12" wide)

    4. If I add legs to the wider extensions, should they be bolted to the table saw legs with a stretcher for stability?

    5. Would there be any advantage to routing additional miter slots in the longer extensions or possibly t-tracks? Keeping in mind that my original fence rails would stop at the 12" point)