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Very dissapointed in Ridgid Compressor

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    Re: Very dissapointed in Ridgid Compressor


    I sympathize with your predicament. But as others have mentioned before, we now live in a "throw-away" world. The variety of products is just too great, as is the turn-over of new product designs and features to ensure any model is going to have a long market life, much less maintenance history. Manufacturers simply cannot afford to maintain a parts stream or service structure that will ensure every component being available on demand somewhere out there in the future. Thus, many good products simply will not have a long history and expectations by owners like us simply aren't realistic. While people like you and I may well provide the care and maintenance necessary to keep things running, we simply will not be able to get the parts we need or, as we see here, the individual component is only available through the purchase of the parent assembly which is costly.

    With many of today's manufacturers, the whole downstream exercise of maintenance, parts, etc is modeled for the lowest possible cost. In other words, business and products just aren't conducted in a manner where we use it, maintain it, fix it, or keep it for an extended period of time.

    So called "Legacy" products are rather rare today as the overhead cost of continueing to manufacture replacement parts is just too high. With a major assembly like a motor, the manufacturer may well strategically plan for a certain number of failures in future years and then stockpile the number of assemblies necessary to meet those projections. This of course is done while the product is still new and in production for the, then current, market. That way the repair parts inventory is produced at it's lowest possible cost. Likewise, procured assemblies, like motors are far more cost effective to contract, receive, and stock, then would be their individual components. They are also much easier maintained and tracked as an inventory item, that would be their individual parts.

    But while this actuarial process predicts the size and timeline of future parts replacement and then manufactures for it in a cost effective manner, it does have the failing in that it drives up the expense for the future purchaser who only needs a bearing rather than the whole assembly. But even then, I'm sure they've "run the numbers" on repair expectations vs the sale of a brand new replacement product. I guess guys like you and I would be in an extreme minority, as I'm sure most would simply junk it, rather than invest the time, money, and effort to do a repair.

    There is of course the realization that most products like air compressors are assembled with a large number of standard components. Bearings, valves, switches, connectors, etc. are all items from a number of manufacturers of standard-sized components. It would not be cost effective for any manufacturer to put too many proprietary components into such a product.

    So, if one of these "standards" blew apart, I think you'd have to reassemble the pieces or take other steps to size it, but the bottom line would be that you could most likely find a replacement.

    Now, regarding a low cost lubricated compressor that is small enough to carry around... check out Craftsman and a few of the other manufacturers. I have a $99 2-gallon lube unit that was sourced from Mid West Air (Chinese made of course). Parts list is pretty complete, but again, there is no component parts available for the motor assembly itself.

    Bottom line, I understand your frustration as I too hate throwing anything away that could and should be fixed... but what is, IS. That's the world we live in today and Ridgid and TTI are not the only manufacturers that have found themselves driven into this situation by competition and the need to keep it's cost structure, and it's prices as low as possible.

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      Re: Very dissapointed in Ridgid Compressor

      So by not offering a replacement bearing they are keeping costs low? No they dont offer a part that they know will fail so you will have to buy another unit instead of repairing it,bottom line

      Trust me I looked for a oiled compressor, I need a 4.5- 5 gallon with around 6 cfm and still portable.
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        if you bought another, look and see what bearings it has in it. i don't know about you but my time is worth something. to me at least. i have a emglo oil fill little twin tank compressor. bought 15 20 years ago. still chuging along. i paid over 3 bills for it then. emglo makes some compressors with your specs. try 8+ bills, not 3. emglo has parts. if ridgid makes what you want i couldn't find it. somebody speak up if they do, please. you get what you pay for. or at least if you don't pay for it you wont get it. breid..............


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          Re: Very dissapointed in Ridgid Compressor

          The Ridgid I had and have are those specs but unfortunatly oiless.
          I dont mind spending the bucks for a better compressor but couldnt find one within 40 miles and had to have one the next day for work.
          Got stuck with another throw away Ridgid


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            Re: Very dissapointed in Ridgid Compressor

            Not trying to sound like a smartass but when you buy cheap, sacrifices are to be expected. Yes, you can get a replacement bearing. No, you can't get it from Ridgid. Research and legwork. There's your sacrifice.
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              Re: Very disappointed in Ridgid Compressor

              Originally posted by Max Power View Post
              I believe I have found the bearing you are looking for. Is it the bearing that is on the end of the motor that fits into the Piston Assembly? If it is, the catalog number is 44565. Hope this helps
              I think this is One of the Ridgid reps, any way some one looked up the bearing and gave you the part number,
              and asked you a question.

              and others have given you info on how to find a bearing,

              They are trying to help you.
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                Re: Very dissapointed in Ridgid Compressor

                max power listed the correct bearing, it is a very common bearing, your machine shop buddy should have them in stock(6203rs)

                can be purchase from grainger, bearing supply house, or any motor shop

                ask for 6203rs bearing

                you have 3 pages of complaining how poor support is, ask for help before you complain how bad it is, be glad that ridgid uses standard size parts and does support their products


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                  Re: Very dissapointed in Ridgid Compressor

                  Amazing. He was given the info, and has then disappeared - I wonder if the recommendations worked for him, if he tried them. Almost seems like someone who was moaning for the sake of moaning.

                  I agree with all points of this conversation. To get 4 years in service for contracting/flooring work is very respectable for this unit. Also, Orlando said in a few different places that he bought it "out of warranty", it was 4 years old, and even though he uses it for contracting/flooring work, he got this (and then another one) that's oil-less (what?!! An oil-less for flooring/nailer constant work?!! HUH?!?!). I'm sorry, but some of this sounds like whining to me. Hey, you got an oil-less compressor, and it failed after 4 years; hey, it's 4 years old, and you can't find a replacment part; hey, it's an air compressor, and maybe for legal/proprietary/safety reasons, Ridgid has decided that they need to sell one big replacment assembly, rather than to just stock the individual parts to sell to customers - all in all, quit yer bitching.

                  I can just see it now - flooring contractor installs replacement bearing wrong, something bad happens, and then flooring contractor gets sleazy lawyer to help sue Ridgid for selling him a solo bearing in the first place that he wasn't qualified/capable of installing, and that Ridgid should have "known" was a safety/competency issue thing.

                  Ridgid can't win.


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                    Re: Very dissapointed in Ridgid Compressor

                    The originator of this thread had a total of 8 posts all pointing to a (supposedly) bad compressor. Then he disappeared.

                    Then again, I've seen other "new" members sign up and post about bad batteries, underpowered tools, etc., and then disappear the same day.

                    Makes me wonder if it's just a new kind of spam that people are littering the forum with.

                    I'm getting to be wary of a new member whose first post is to complain about a Ridgid product. Most times they get excellent reply posts and then disappear after one day.

                    Here's a guy who showed up, asked a question about warranty, and never came back.

                    Then there's this suspicious thread that has two or three newbies that are having a Ridgid problem/testing love-in.

                    Punch in "Ridgid problems" in the search engine and you'll get a bunch of threads/posts by one-time posters who posted less than ten times(sometimes on the same day, within 10 minutes no less) and then never logged in again.

                    Sounds and looks scammy to me. Not that you shouldn't come to a forum and post problems about the forum sponsor's products. Just looks REALLY suspicious to make a generalized post/thread and then disappear. Looks more like a troll or plant.

                    Then again, maybe I'm just looking for conspiracy theories on the milk carton.
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