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Batteries serial number

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  • Batteries serial number

    Hi, i just bought a R86007 drill and i am trying to register it. I find the drill serial number on data plate but for the batteries and charger there is no serial number on their data plate. On lower right corner there is a white box with some numbers but i think that's not the serial number because it's same for the batteries and the charger is on digit different.

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    Re: Batteries serial number

    Those were the numbers that I used as Serial Numbers when I registered my tools. I'm thinking that they are indeed the Serial Numbers as my registration of the tools into the LLSA Program was accomplished without a hitch.
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      Re: Batteries serial number

      the batteries and charger only have a date code, no serial numbers,
      the first part of the number on the drill or other tool is also the date code,
      letter is the plant, next 2 numbers are the year, next 2 are week
      use these numbers to register for llsa