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R4510 Portable TS - First Impressions

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  • R4510 Portable TS - First Impressions

    Had this about a week or so now. Mostly only have set it up, cut a few pieces of wood. Overall impression is positive with some big pluses, but several minueses, one I think is big.

    First the pluses:
    - Love how nice and easy it is to move around and go up/down stairs (actually have to work on the 'down');
    - I had to have the riving knife/splitter and more modern guard, interesting how all the main brand top-of-the-line portable TS's all seem to be the same in this area now. Its just great how easily this stuff is moved on/off;
    - Next had-to-have was the good fence. No more having to check front, back and middle, tap-tap-tap all over ... The tape in front is very accurate too, even for narrow cuts;
    - First cuts were pretty nice for a factory saw blade, would like to move my WW II blade onto this machine;
    - Storage overall is very good for when you move it, as is the ease of getting it out or putting it away. Only complaint in this area is why no place to keep the three allen wrenches too ?!

    The the minuses:
    - Major item is the fact that I can't get the saw blade perfectly square. I run out of adjustment range just turning the knob. I see where some lips on the arbor (fore/aft) collide with the underside of the table top. Don't yet see how it could be adjusted without filing the underside of the table - which has some rough spots already (all under the blade insert). Cutting some wood I can notice it, think its off by 1 - 1.5 degrees. If I don't find a solution to this will have to contact Ridgid;
    - Speaking of the factory blade insert. While I was taking the time to adjust 4 allen screws under it, it seemed that mine is sloped down from the blade area out. Maybe I just see this, but it doesn't feel right;
    - Disappointingly, my table top had some dirty hand prints and a couple of small scratches when I unpacked it (packing was good though) - just not what you expect for new !;
    - Speaking of that fancy splitter - it seems REALLY thick to me ! I am worried that my thin kerf WW II Blade will be wider. My digital caliper seemed to tell that it will be OK, but I am worried about this and need to check it closely and see how the splitter sidewase adjustment goes.

    Bottom line is I HAVE to solve the arbor adjustment issue.