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    i know this is liking asking which is better ford, chevy or dodge. but i have been looking at tool kits for quite some time and can not make up my mind. everytime i make my mind up i read a forum and it changes. and because they're expensive im not gonna just blindly pull the trigger. so based on experience which would be the safest choice ridgid x3, dewalt nicad dck450xl kit (hd exclusive) or milwaukee. the problem with milwaukee is they dont make a 5pc kit comparable to the other 2 brands so i found a 2pc impact & hammerdrill kit i like. im leaning towards ridgid but reviews and opinions on here are really hit and miss. so any insight would be greatly appreicated. and im not looking for a tool line i can expand. i only need a 5pc. thanks

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    Re: the big 3

    Mr Goodkat,

    Well, for me that's an easy choice; but really it does come down to the "Chevy or Ford" thing with an awful lot of pro and con discussions. Let's face it, people are just "people" and we all will be very supportive of our own choices and will gladly resite many stories to support that.

    But my choice for a "cordless" tool set would be clearly Ridgid and the prime reason for that is their Limited Lifetime Service Agreement which will replace the original batteries and charger for as long as you own the tool. To my knowledge, there are no competitors which offer anything like this.

    Let's face it, batteries a going to fail no matter what the brand. That failure may be well down the road, three or four years from now (or tomorrow)... but eventually they will need to be replaced. Have you priced those separately?

    Biggest complaints I've read on the many forums is battery and/or charger failures, regardless of brand name. So with "Ridgid" (proper registration required) I don't have to worry about that eventual expense. I'm not in the trades, don't use my tools to make money, but do rely on them for the reno work I'm doing on my house. For me, additional expense, is more important than having to wait a couple of weeks if service is ever required. (I do have backups!)

    Beyond that, the choice of another brand is determined only by proven functionality or specific need where Ridgid might not have a product. At present I have about a dozen Ridgid-brand tools, including corded, stationary, and cordless products. I've had only one failure (1/4 sheet sander) that required a part, which took four weeks to get. I'm very happy with my choices and their performance!

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: the big 3

      I have to agree with the Ridgid choice. When my Roybi batteries die I'm jumping over to Ridgid tools. Free can you go wrong.