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    I just purchased the R2600 ROS from HD today. While registering I noticed that there are three R2600 models that can be registered.

    My questions:

    1) What is the difference between the R2600, R26001 and R2601 2nd Generation ROS? if anyone knows.

    2) Did I just pay the same price for a model that doesn't have some sort of improvement(s) that the other models have?

    I called HD to ask but they told me there is only one model of ROS from Ridgid and they are all the same. I purchased a Ridgid circular saw recently and found out that items advertised under one model number may be a different / improved product at a different store for the same price.

    Thanks all

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    Re: Ridgid ROS

    I realize no one has really taken an interest in this thread but I am posting this update as a friendly message to Ridgid and HD. I have enjoyed the Ridgid label so far but you need to get a handle on your part numbers.

    I sent a message to Ridgid through the dashboard and received a reply that says R2600, R2601 2nd Gen and R26001 are all the same sander (made in different factories) but when registering I was told to make sure I use the number on the side of the sander. The box I purchased my ROS in was labeled 26001. The ROS inside is labeled 2600.

    IMHO Ridgid / HD need to get a handle on their tool numbering system and educate the sales people to what the differences are. I have seen them sell a 3202 circular saw as a 32021 (which has the magnesium shoe) and also saw them tell a customer that the TS2400 saw was exactly the same as the R4510. There may only be subtle differences in some cases but none the less there are differences and in the case of the circular saw I initially paid for a 32021 but only got a 3202 - I found out by accident and they exchanged it (I am sure they sold it to me none the wiser so I am certainly not suggesting they are doing this on purpose).

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      Re: Ridgid ROS

      I think in some cases you are getting the exact same tool, but other things change. For example, I think the circular saw 3200 might of came with a straight edge guide, but the 32001 doesn't. Same with one of their jigsaw models, I think once they added a 1, i.e. NNNN became NNNN1, but the only difference is you no longer get the hard plastic case (but the price goes down!).



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        Re: Ridgid ROS


        I think the model number descrepencies you mention are for what may be minor changes within the tool and could be a matter of component change, like and updated switch, etc.. Or, it could be a change, like the addition or subtraction of feature.

        I have the original R2600 ROS which I purchased in 2003 and I regularly visit my local Home Depots. I haven't noticed ANY changes to the unit itself. However, the original 2003 release, was with a nice sturdy case (well, "nice" is my opinion... some, didn't like the cases at all) and now they come in a zippered, fabric bag. Also, in the original's was an additional sanding head for use with PSA type sanding discs. The latter, I believe was rarely, if ever used.

        So, I guess the question would be if that spare head was still supplied and if not... that would be a change and certainly the lack of the plastic case would be a second change... thus accounting for three different model designations; even though the main product, the sander itself, might still be exactly the same in every other way!

        I should point out that I'm very happy with my ROS.

        Now, I should point out that I have a real peeve with Home Depot (NOT Ridgid), in that when I go shopping anywhere I expect that I am buying the "latest and greatest". Home Depot managers apparently have the right to withhold new products until their existing inventory is gone. I've complained to the store about this practice and even to the Atlanta office to no avail. I've also discussed it with the Ridgid rep. In the Corning, NY area store the manager it sometimes seems like months (and even a year or more) before a NEW product model shows up. They claim that it is because they're a smaller store and they just don't get the products like everyone else does... but I've caught them holding product until the last of the old units are gone. I suspect that this is not the only location in which that occurs.