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Camp Bell, Havesfeld( Air compressor)

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  • Camp Bell, Havesfeld( Air compressor)

    The mdl # of this compressor comes from one of the following;DK 723300 AV 10/03,DK724400 AV 11/03 OR DK633700AV 12/98.
    This compressor can produce a maximum of 150 psi of air.
    The problem is that,whenever it reaches it's maximum pressure and the user start to use up the air,the pressure in the tank would continue to drop until all the pressure is gone.The problem keeps repeating itself and thus the user is unable to do a proper job.
    Can anyone help?
    P.S. THE compressor is a new one.

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    Re: Camp Bell, Havesfeld( Air compressor)

    Compressors have a tank regeneration start and stop point. Once the tank has been pressured up to the maximum pressure the tank is set for it won't start up again until the pressure in the tank falls down to the regeneration start point. What is the pressure in the tank when the compressor starts up? If it's too low, say under 85 lbs, then an adjustment to the pressure regulator is needed.
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      Re: Camp Bell, Havesfeld( Air compressor)

      I have seen two iron outlets on the compressorne is used for letting out any/all of the pressure out of the system by putting your finger into a little wire ring and pull it towards you.
      The second one is used for bleeding out any moisture or vapour out the system.
      I do not know if any of these is referred to or used as a pressure regulator of which you spoke about?


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        Re: Camp Bell, Havesfeld( Air compressor)

        the pressure switch that starts and stops the unit is the black box about 2x3" with the lines going to it

        does the compressor start to run when the pressure drops, what pressure does it start at

        post the model number of the compressor, the numbers you posted are the decal numbers, look on the side or rear of the tank