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  • ridgid disappointment

    well i decided to buy the 5pc ridgid kit. with all the glee of a 5 year old i hurried home to open my new toys once i charged the batteries i tried out the impact driver with no load and found that the motor sparked quite badly and smelled like it was burning well maybe its from it being new. so i tried the same with the hammerdrill. same results and the brake made a loud cracking noise . so i took the kit back and turned it in for a 2nd one. this time all the same results and the chuck on the drill spun out of round, as i have read on this forum before. i tried to tighten the set screw in the chuck which i couldn't get any tighter. so again i took it back . this time i told the hd customer service lady what was wrong and she called the tool guy about it. he brought another kit, opened it up, put a battery on the 3rd drill and the all the same results including the chuck problem. iasked why they spark so much and he didn't know. he said no tool should spark that much or smell like that. i'm sorry to say i'm giving up on ridgid cordless tools, and going with dewalt. although i may consider some other ridgid power tools they make. dewalt may have a rep for crappy batteries but at least they're tools are in working order before they leave the factory. the difference between mexico and china is very clear.