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Sliding Compound Saw... Black Chunks

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  • Sliding Compound Saw... Black Chunks

    So I've had my 12" sliding compound saw for just under a year now. And I have two questions. Can the electric brake be replaced on it? Mine seems to have sputtered out. Also. I'm getting little black chunks falling out from the spring that raises the motor and blade back up after the cut. It looks like the spring has two plastic bushings or washers on either side of it on the inside. They both appear to be rotting away? Can these be replaced?

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    Re: Sliding Compound Saw... Black Chunks

    Obvious answer is to take it into a service center and have both issues taken care of under the LLSA. If you want to try and tackle this yourself then first check out the condition of the motor's brushes. Sometimes replacing the brushes can bring the brake back to life. As far as the other pieces are concerned, I'm sure you could order and replace them.
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