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Just ordered Ridgid R888 planer from HD

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  • Just ordered Ridgid R888 planer from HD

    I just ordered the R888 planer from HD. I now need a charger and batteries. There seems to be alot of discussion about Li Ion battery problems. Would anyone suggests staying away from them and sticking with NiCad. I am also somewhat confused about whether the newer large 18V 3AH Li Ion (R84008) will fit the R888. Any help appreciated, this is only my second Ridgid tool purchase, the other being the palm nailer.

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    Re: Just ordered Ridgid R888 planer from HD

    All 18v batteries will work with this tool.

    I have the nicad 2.5ah and the lithium-ion 3.0ah 18VDC batteries.

    I have yet to lose any battery! I do find the 3.0ah battery a better
    selection as it's lighter in weight and does provide a longer run time.

    Beware though when a nicad battery is "used up" you realize the tool slows
    down and you stop using the battery. With the Lithium-ion battery the tool may
    simply all of a sudden stop running. At that point immediately replace the
    battery and charge it.

    Cactus Man