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New JP610 Noise Issue

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  • New JP610 Noise Issue

    Hi all. Just purchased a new JP610. Assembled the unit and turned it on. It has sort of a "rumbly" noise to it that doesn't sound quite right. Not the silent humm of my TS3660 motor. I checked the frame for tighteness and the plastic bits but could not isolate it. Seems to be coming from around the motor area but diffiult to pinpoint. To isolate the issue I took the belt off and kicked over the motor. No rumbly noise. Im thinking belt alignment of some kind but with the bolts loose I can't seem to position the motor to eliminate the noise.

    It does not appear to be creating any additional vibration on the table. The only other issue I may look at is a troubleshooting recommendation in the manual about pulley set screws. That will require me to dismount the motor. Ugh. Any other ideas out there? I have never heard another JP610 so I don't have any reference point for this.

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    Re: New JP610 Noise Issue

    Figured it out. Turns out the set screws on the motor pulley were barely tighened. The pulley was sliding all over the shaft. Tightened that up and no more noise. Whew. What a relief. Didn't want to be bummed out on my brand new toy.