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Battery Problems

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    Re: Battery Problems

    Originally posted by Mark from Texas View Post
    Well nothing new today!!!
    You guy’s whining about my post didn’t fix Ridgid’s battery problem did it?

    You see that Ray?
    Short and Sweet!!!
    Now go away and sugar coat another members problem. Better bring alot of sugar.

    Nice to hear from Yall. Keep em coming!!!
    There ya go. You try to be nice, and then someone has to yip off again.

    Man, he almost sounds like Wartex, too!


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      Re: Battery Problems

      Mark from Texas
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      Re: Is the RIDGID 5pc 18V Lithium Combo Kit any good?


      Purchased the 18v set in May of 08. Sent paper work in. No record at Ridgid. Nearest service center over 100 miles.
      The reason I ripped old Mark had nothing to do with his endless whining about Ridgid, Home Depot, distance to service centers, lost paperwork, unreturned phone calls, unreturned emails, poor service from service centers, et all. (Ever notice how stuff like that just seems to follow guys like that) It was because he continued to demonstrate his rudeness, selfishness, self centerdness and disrespect for other members of this forum by crapping all over their threads.
      Finally and this will be my last comment on this loser. I don't even believe he is from Texas. I know a lot of people from Texas and they are always polite and gracious.....and a real Texan would never complain about a 100 mile drive. Hell, they travel further than that for a cup of coffee. For a little 100 mile jaunt to the service center a real Texan would load his dog onto the seat next to him, throw the old lady and kids into the back of the pickup and get on down the highway.
      This has been fun. Merry Christmas.....Ray


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        Re: Battery Problems

        Well what do ya know, I leave for a little while and Ray and his compadre seemed to have killed this Thread.

        The Fact still remains!!!
        Ridgid still has a BATTERY PROBLEM!!!


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          Re: Battery Problems

          Came here looking for answers and all i see are idiots b*tching about b*llsh*t.


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            Re: Battery Problems

            Okay everyone let's try to play nice. The rules of the warranty are just that the rules of the warranty. They're written in plain English so there is nothing to argue about here. Play by the rules and you can use the warranty. I am closing this thread and ask you guys find something more productive to do with your time.

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