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  • Ridgid Battery....?

    Question......I am using a DC to AC power inverter in my truck, to charge my Ridgid 18v LI batteries with on the charger. I have 4 batteries that are maybe 4 months old that are defective. The inverter is maybe 200w. I am using the 18v LI Autoshift drill and the one handed LI saw. I use the hell out of the drill....drilling big holes and etc. Does this seem like a problem from the inverter, or could it be something else.

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    Re: Ridgid Battery....?

    The single base lithium-ion battery charger consumes around 110W

    Some 200W inverters really don't supply 200W continuously, they list surge or peak power....
    look at the inverter specs to verify this.

    Some inverters do not provide a pure sine wave...they offer a square wave or a modified sine wave or chopper wave.

    I do not know if that will effect the operation of the Ridgid battery charger. I do know some electronic and even electrical devices do not play well unless it's a pure 60hz sine wave.

    I'd suggest you take the charger into your home and try charging the batteries. If they come back then I'd say look for a better quality inverter.

    Recently there have been a myriad of posts regarding battery failures. do a search and you will glean a wealth of information, anger, and frustration.

    Cactus Man