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  • LSA Process Question

    I got a RIDGID 18V 4pc Lithium Compact Combo Kit (model R968) for christmas that was bought online ( I want to sign up for the lifetime service agreement and the documentation that came with it says I need the UPC and the original receipt. The box that the set came in has no UPC code on it anywhere and because it was online we only have an email confirmation and no receipt was included in the shipping box (only a shipping receipt and return label). The lack of a UPC is very strange as the box is just like it would be in the store.

    Does anyone know how to sign up for the LSA if you only have email receipt and no UPC?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: LSA Process Question

    If it came in the retail box, there's a UPC code on it. I know because I bought a kit and cut the UPC off the box. Look again.
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      Re: LSA Process Question

      I would use the email confirmation as your receipt. Explain why you are doing this by sending a cover letter a long with the rest of your documentation. Oh yeah, be sure to make and keep a copy of everything you send in for your records.
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