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Ridgid R4511 Setup problems.

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  • Ridgid R4511 Setup problems.

    I've been trying to put my R4511 together. My first problem is that the herc-u-lift doesn't let the feet hit the ground all the way. I saw a thread about it, and loosened the bolts and nylon nuts, but that didn't help much. I don't feel comfortable threading the feet so far out. My next problem is that when I put the table saw on top of the legs, it doesn't lay level. It rocks around on the top which seems dangerous. I don't know how fix this. I tried to make sure all of the welded nuts went through the holes, and they do, but it still isn't level.

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    Re: Ridgid R4511 Setup problems.


    On the lift, make certain you have it assembled the right way up. Despite all the instructions on here and everything else I still managed to assemble it with one of the bars on the wrong side which caused your exact problem.

    I don't know what is going on with your top, that sounds strange.

    Good luck.

    It is a great saw for the money. Just takes a little patience to get it set up.


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      Re: Ridgid R4511 Setup problems.

      the leveling feet are for what their name suggest - to level the saw when it's...well... unlevel .

      they are NOT supposed to be to accomodate for the herculift not letting the feet reach the floor. even when fully screwed in the leveling feet should make contact with the ground when the caters are retracted.

      sounds like the herculift is not installed properly - I suggest taking the saw on it's back with the help of another. and examine the herculift parts that they are indeed installed correctly.

      if you can post pictures- that would help us help you even better for lack of the possibility to be right there and see what's up with it.

      feel free to PM me.


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        Re: Ridgid R4511 Setup problems. Here's a picture of the herc-u-lift One of 2 corners that appears messed up All 4 orange washers are lined up


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          Re: Ridgid R4511 Setup problems.

          the herculift doesn't look like it's installed correctly at all. the long bars are supposed to go under the short ones if I'm not mistaken which makes the contraption raise the casters when not engaged.

          from the 1st pic you posted, it seems like there's nothing to raise the casters - which explains your problem.

          my suggestion. take the saw down on it's back with the help of a friend. take the herculift apart and redo it.

          If I can, I'll take some pictures tomorrow morning of mine.


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            Re: Ridgid R4511 Setup problems.

   Isn't mine setup just like this guys? And what about my problem with the main cabinet not laying level?


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              Re: Ridgid R4511 Setup problems.

              my bad. it's late here. your setup does look very similar to the other pic you linked to. so you prob have things installed properly. the other setup does show the pedal being pushed higher up than yours though.

              can you manually pull the foot pedal up to retract your casters? or is something stopping it from getting retracted upwards? there's obviously something different than a 'normal' setup.

              as for the table being unlevel - is the floor level to begin with? I would worry about leveling your saw after you tackle the casters issue, it may be related, and once you're able to land the saw on all 4 feet properly, you can adjust for level.

              one step at a time.

              either way, I'll go check my setup tomorrow morning, and get back to you, unless someone beats me to it.


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                Re: Ridgid R4511 Setup problems.

                I responded to the other forum too. On the run, but you need to install the dust collection box prior to the hercu-lift. That should help you with the cabinet fitting better. Line up the holes carefully.

                I looked at my hercu-lift and I think I told you wrong... the U bolt does go out like you have it... running out of time. I'll check mine closer when I get off work.


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                  Re: Ridgid R4511 Setup problems.

                  attached is a pic of my herculift, you can see that the front of the contraption has the short bars that don't go all the way to the back and are not bolted to the back of the herculift, but are somewhat halfway through. this creates to parts that are hinged in the middle and can be locked down flat (to use casters) or folded upwards to disengage the casters.

                  looking at your first pic again, it looked like there are long bars on the sides that reach from the front to the end of the herculift and are bolted on both ends... but this may be just me not seeing it right from the picture.

                  my suggestions remains - take the saw down, and redo the herculift base, as mentioned - might wanna put in the DC part while at it. I didn't even notice that.

                  mind you - all the bolts (with the lock-nuts) in the base should only be tight enough to make the nut flush with the end of the bolt - this makes all the joints very loose, which is the way it's supposed to be to allow the mechanism to work.
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