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Clarke . Bronco air compressor,mdl#AC2000B

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  • Clarke . Bronco air compressor,mdl#AC2000B

    The starting capacitor(200 UF )of this motor is not working properly and I am not certain I will get a good one. Is it possible for the compressor to start without the capacitor,if so, how?
    Is there a fuse anywhere on this compressor,if so ,describe it.I have seen a little metal device about the size of an ordinary pencil with rubber( about 1/4"x1/2")?
    The rotor is made of aluminum.I placed one lead of my VOM on the motor shaft and the other on the terminals of the field coil and get a reading of about eight ohms . Should I be getting any reading?There is no sign of burning on the field coil and there was no shorts when I tested for shorts.

    Thanks in advance.