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  • hammer drill

    Excuse my ignorance..what is the difference between a hammer drill and an impact tool. I want one of the new Lithium portables.

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    Re: hammer drill

    A impact gun works like the air guns that you see tire shops use,does not have a chuck for drill bits.You might say a hammer-drill impacts towards the work piece.Where a impact ,impacts the turn.
    Never really thought about it much till now


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      Re: hammer drill

      If you have ever put a wrench on a bolt or nut, and tapped on it with a hammer, you have duplicated what an impact wrench does, it taps or hammers the rotation of the unit,
      (used to tighten or loosen bolts, or to drive lag screws and other similar type of fasteners)

      If you have ever used a star drill to drill a hole in cement you would hammer on it and rotate the star bit so it would continue to cut a new location and so it would not get stuck as it worked,
      this is what a hammer drill does, it rotates a bit and at the same time puts an impact on the down ward stroke of it as well, (some hammer drills have the option to disengage the rotary aspect of it, and just use the hammering action with a chisel)
      (used for drilling holes usually in masonry products,)


      there is a chuck that one can buy to use on a 1/2 drive impact wrench,
      and is currently being sold on the Internet as poor mans hammer drill, it is not, they do not work the same,
      years ago when I first got started I bought a impact wrench chuck from sears that would fit the 1/2 impact wrench thinking it would substitute for hammer drill I Basicly wasted $30,
      even tried to use it as a quick drill, using the chuck, (such as drilling a pilot for lag bolts in a beam) does not work very well in my opinion.
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