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Wiring diagram for TS2400L

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  • Wiring diagram for TS2400L

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with the wiring of the motor and switch on the TS2400L table saw. I got this table saw second hand and the previous owner had wired up a regular wall switch on the table saw taking out the soft start, etc. I have the parts (some are on order) to wire it up correctly, but I can't find a wiring diagram for this table saw to save my life!

    Also, there is one issue that I am having that I am assuming (hopefully correctly) is due to the hacked together wiring of the wall switch. The issue is, if I plug the saw in with the switch OFF it pops the breaker, but if I plug the saw in with the switch ON (not very safe I might add) the saw starts up and runs without a problem. This is why I am hoping wiring everything back up correctly will solve this!

    If anyone can help with the wiring on this table saw or knows what is causing the issue that I am having I would greatly appreciate it!