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    I just needed to shoot a few 5/8 18ga brads this morning.
    I opened my Ridgid 18ga straight nailer to swap brads and noticed the inside area was dirty.

    The Ridgid 18ga straight nailer does not require oil.....

    Anyway, I gently wiped the area clean with a soft shop rag, and used compressed air to blow out any other debris not picked up by the rag.
    I then took ONE drop and Only ONE drop of tool oil on the rag and wiped the area down again so it looked new and shiny. I also wiped down the strip of brads to remove the chinese crap on them to keep them from rusting while on the boat over here. I also noted a lot of dirt came off the strip.

    I fired my few brads perfectly.

    I'm sharing this as many newer folks using pneumatic tools may over look that their brads or staples have a coating on them and not just the glue that will eventually gum up your pneumatic nailer or stapler....

    Also a few moments to ensure the tool is clean will always ensure a proper operating tool.

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Pneumatic Nailers

    That's some very good words of advice there Cactus Man.
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