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Need Motor for wd12000 wet dry vac

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  • Need Motor for wd12000 wet dry vac


    Was working with the kids, shop vac left outside the garage and got rained on.

    Motor is rusty now and its making a racket that is getting worse (and while it is likely the expected result of such neglect) I still need to get it fixed.

    The parts diagram from rigid does not list a part number for the vac motor, it is missing entirely from the pdf. Is this not something that can be replaced?


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    Re: Need Motor for wd12000 wet dry vac

    No one any help here?



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      Re: Need Motor for wd12000 wet dry vac

      Probably a case of the repair part costing nearly as much as a brand new vac. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you but maybe a call to a Ridgid Service Center will get you more specific details.
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        Re: Need Motor for wd12000 wet dry vac

        I have replaced the vac motors using vac motors from w.w. grangers, jsut have to look and visulaly match the unit, and by the specifications,

        but the motors are not cheap it may just be as good to look for a replacement on sale.

        I know there was some one else some time ago looking for vac fan replacement and had some problems, I do not know if they ever got it from Ridgid or not.

        you could take to motor shop and see if the bearings are replaceable, or if they can find a replacement,
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          Re: Need Motor for wd12000 wet dry vac

          Thanks so much for the info folks. Not exactly what i wanted to hear, but maybe i expected as such. Didnt think of granger.

          The issue is that this vac seems to have a separate path for the exhaust vs the air to cool the motor. The new ones seem to pass the air through it.

          Maybe I am wrong, guess will be buying a new one.

          Thanks again,