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  • Max Select Port. Radio

    On some sites it is posted that this radio only works with Lith Ion batteries. Is this true? I was going to purchase one of these radios from Amazon however I do not have Lith Ion batteries. Any clarity is appreciated.

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    Re: Max Select Port. Radio

    No, that is incorrect. Any of the Ridgid MaxSelect tools work with both 18 volt and 24 volt batteries. In 24 volts, there is only the 24 volt XLi lithium-ion batteries. But in Ridgid's 18 volt lineup, there's both lithium ion batteries (compact 1.5 Ah size, and larger 3.0 Ah size) as well as ni-cad batteries (compact 1.6 Ah size [I believe] as well as two larger sizes - 2.5 Ah and 3.0 Ah, I think).

    It doesn't matter what the battery chemistry is - what matters is that the battery works for the tool (ie - a Ridgid battery for a Ridgid tool, a Makita battery for a Makita tool, etc.), and that it's the correct voltage/connection for the tool. So, generally any Ridgid 18 volt battery will work with any Ridgid 18 volt tool - you're good to go.