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  • About drill presses (2)

    I saw that there already is a thread about drill presses but I do not think that it focus on my question.
    I have been shopping for a drill press for several months ( I shop mostly online).
    I looked at HF, Sears, Rigid, Grizzly and other I do not seem to find the "perfect" drill press.
    I believe that what would fit my need best is a bench drill press 12 or 16 speeds with a 1/2 or 3/4 HP motor.
    I would like a floor drill press but I do not have the real estate for it.
    I would mount the bench drill press on an existing cart and move it around.
    I know about the general opinion about HF tools but I have been buying tools from them for years ( knowing what I am buying) and so far I have been very happy with them ( I love them "multi-tasks tool for 29.99, nothing can beat it).
    Right now they have on sale a 12 speeds-10"-1/2HP motor bench mounted drill press for $99.00 (instead of 179.99 regular price).
    My concern with it is that the chuck travel is only about 2.00", I would prefer more than that.
    I do not think that I will ever need to make mortises deeper than that but is this a limitation for anything else?
    Will I be able to use mortise chisels on it?
    Has any one any experience with either Rioby DP121L or the Craftsman 10 in Drill Press with Laser.
    Has anyone a recommendation for another drill press?
    I have been looking for a used one but I cannot find one that fits my needs.
    I know no chuck round-out is what we want, but, in a less than perfect world, what is "acceptable"?
    Thank you.