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Please help a Ridgid Newbie

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  • Please help a Ridgid Newbie

    Hey everybody, here's the skinny:
    I bought a used Ridgid 18volt combo kit with the R845 circular saw, R841150 drill, and the R849 flashlight with two X2 batteries and the 140276002 dual port charger. Come to find out the right side of the charger just flashes the red light and will not illuminate the green when a battery is inserted. Its also noisy as all heck (like a fan's running all the time as soon as I plug it it).
    I'm new to Ridgid so I'm not sure if the noise with the charger is normal. Any ideas?? I can live with only one charging port working out of two.
    Any and all help/info on the fan noise and/or the blinking red light would be much appreciated!! Thank you!
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    Re: Please help a Ridgid Newbie

    what model combo kit was that (i'm guessing r921)? i have an r9212, same kit with a 12v RA impact driver. did you register the kit for the LSA? i'd get the charger fixed as it is one of the key benefits of that kit. charging 2 batteries at once is a great benefit. for the recored, unless there is a battery in my charger, it makes absolutely no noise. and the fan, which is energized during charging, should be relatively quiet, much like a microwave exhaust fan on low speed. HTH.
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      Re: Please help a Ridgid Newbie

      The fan on that dual port charger is fairly noisy, but it depends on how excessive it sounds to you. Depends on whether it's just normal fan "turning/spinning" noise, or if you hear a grinding, catching, etc. For the blinking red light, it depends on if your batteries are still being charged on that side. If so, and/or you can still use the other port to charge the batteries, and you don't mind, then it sounds like you'd be okay. But, if you think there's a problem, it might be best to have it taken to an authorized service center to have it looked at. If it's still within the initial 3-year warranty, you should be good (you can sell by the "serial" number). But, if you're outside of that, then you may have a fee to pay, due to you buying it used and not being the original owner (the LLSA wouldn't carry over to you, the only thing you'd be potentially eligible for is the normal 3-year warranty). But, that's unfortunately the drawbacks of buying something used - yes, you can get a good deal, but warranties usually don't apply. Similar to when you buy a used car. Buyer beware.

      Good luck though. Let us know how it works out.