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Getting a R4511 TS into my Basement Shop????

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  • Getting a R4511 TS into my Basement Shop????

    Hi Everyone

    I was lucky enough to snag a TS on clearance this evening. Now the challenge of getting it down into the basement.

    Staircase is about 10 feet of stairs, landing with a 90 degree turn, another 10 feet of stairs.

    Based on your experience what is the best way for this to happen as a 1 man job. I'm most likely going to rent an appliance dolly. How much does the top/cabinet weigh? 200-300 Lbs? Would taking the top off and removing the motor help or am I asking for trouble putting things back together?


    Thank you


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    Re: Getting a R4511 TS into my Basement Shop????

    i don't have a 4511, but do have experience rigging dry cleaning equipment, some of which can weigh 2 tons empty. from what i've seen on the forum, a lot of the 4511 is removable from adjoining pieces, especially the top. the smaller the pieces you have to move, the better for you. it will take longer, but will be safer for both you and the equipment. and remember the heavy equipment rigger's rule: if you're working hard, you're doing it wrong! good luck.
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      Re: Getting a R4511 TS into my Basement Shop????

      Several post here refer to your problem. I unloaded the saw myself from my pickup... I took the table off the cabinet... two people should be able to get the saw down to your basement. An appliance dolly would be a great help. Make sure you refer to post here on assembly of your saw. The directions that come with the saw are terrible and incorrect and will lead you down a wagon trail ride to hell... just my humble thoughts.


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        Re: Getting a R4511 TS into my Basement Shop????

        I think in the thread that is an index to all the other 4511 threads, the weight of each piece of the saw is listed.

        Easiest way Ive found (Ive done it twice now ) is to pull the main table off....4 bolts (2 are hidden behind the door on the side of the cabinet so open it up first). Note where the shims are or tape them down when you take the top off. Bring that in by itself, thats 88 lbs.

        If you cant get a second person to help get the main cabinet out of the vehicle, maybe make a ramp of plywood and 2x4s to slide the whole thing out (bottom of cage included, if possible). Once on the ground unbolt it from the cage and use the appliance dolly to bring it to the basement.

        Thats how I did the two Ive moved...I had a second person both times, but thats really only necessary when getting the cage/cabinet out of the vehicle. Once on the ground one person and an appliance dolly/handtruck shouldnt have a problem.


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          Re: Getting a R4511 TS into my Basement Shop????

          My suggestion? Even if you take it apart, move it with 2 people. You're just asking for trouble if you move such heavy pieces on a dolly, down those types of stairs, without someone at least helping you out. You don't want to drop that sucker.

          But, me personally, I wouldn't take it apart at all. I'd get 2 or 3 buddies to come over and help me out. Hey, a couple of beers as a thank you will potentially save you LOADS of time with taking everything apart and then putting it all back together again afterwards.


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            Re: Getting a R4511 TS into my Basement Shop????