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Ridgid OF45150A Compressor Problems

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  • Ridgid OF45150A Compressor Problems

    The Emerson electric motor in my OF45150A compressor has has the front bearing fail.
    Not a big deal, I've replaced bearings in electrical motors many many times.
    What has me baffled is how to remove the part that couples the electrical motor and the rod of the pump.
    There's no set screw, nor does it appear to be threaded onto the electrical motor shaft.
    I'm guessing it's pressed onto the shaft of the electrical motor.
    I've tapped it a couple of times with a hammer but it doesn't budge easily, and I don't want to screw it up by hitting it harder.
    Is there a simple and easy way to get it off so that I can get to the bearing?

    What really pisses me off is that I can buy a completely new replacement compressor at Amazon.Com for HALF of what Ridgid wants for JUST the replacement pump/motor combo.
    It would *REALLY*REALLY* send me into a flying fit if I have to throw this entire compressor away because of a stupid $2 bearing.


    Tom Crabtree

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    Re: Ridgid OF45150A Compressor Problems

    How did you remove the counterblance Barnhill


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      Re: Ridgid OF45150A Compressor Problems

      I doubt its threaded on. I would guess it a shaft with a key and it might be a press fit. Does the Bolt holding the fan also hold the piston/connecting rod on to the Crank/eccentric? Looking at the parts break down doesn't look like that bolt would hold it all together but it could.

      Try just loosening that bolt so there is a 1/8 inch of play and use a puller to bear against the bolt and pull the crank off. some heat may help too.