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Grizzly tension release on Ridgid bandsaw?

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    Re: Grizzly tension release on Ridgid bandsaw?

    Originally posted by cisco1138 View Post
    Here's a picture and a list of the parts needed
    For anyone that may order these parts in the future ...
    On the parts list REF# 140 quantity should be 2.
    You need to order REF# 33- P0555X033 (the tensioning rod) too. The threaded portion on the stock Ridgid is not long enough.

    I just did the mod and am still amazed at how ridiculously simple it is.

    I had planned on fabing the parts to put this together, but ended up ordering the parts when I ordered a few other things from Grizzly. I should have checked the diagram before ordering, but i simply ordered the quantities as shown (minus the bolts and washers) so I ended up fabing a second support plate to complete the assembly. Its a great, cheap and easy mod... Don't hesitate to try it.
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