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Found mysterious pin while assembling miter saw

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  • Found mysterious pin while assembling miter saw

    While assembling the MS1065LZA compoind miter saw I found a 1/4" black pin with a groove for a tiny clip near the end. The head is flat (no phillips or flat screw head). I called customer support and talked to Sabrina who could not find it in her parts list so advised me to continue assembly and testing. I am fairly certain that the pin appeared from the tool I am assembling so am concerned about continuing without identifying this pin. Anyone have a clue?
    You can email me if you do at or I have flagged this for an instant notification on responses.

    Sorry, I discovered I posted this in the wrong forum!
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    Re: Found mysterious pin while assembling miter saw

    I don't think you posted this in the wrong forum so no worries there. Unfortunately I don't have an answer for you as far as that part is concerned. If nobody else does either then may I suggest you stop assembling it and, for your own piece of mind, take it back and exchange it for another. I know that I would feel uncomfortable using a tool where I found a part in the box and had no idea where it belonged or how important it was.
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      Re: Found mysterious pin while assembling miter saw

      Does it look like this?

      There is one other "pin" item on the saw according to ereplacement parts but it doesnt have a pic.

      Check out the parts list here:


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        Re: Found mysterious pin while assembling miter saw

        Thank you both for your responses. It does not look like the link you sent and I cannot find anything like it in any of the diagrams you referenced.

        Taking it back is the best answer I guess but that is inconvenient at best. I had to travel about 50 miles each way to pick it up and I got the last one they had available at that Home Depot location. Took them over half an hour to locate the one their computer said they had in stock and then to retrieve it from the top of a storage rack using a lift fork. In the meantime, I have finished assembling it, checking all the adjustments and running some test cuts. Everything seems to be working properly so I will probably keep using it till it has a problem. I'm not real comfortable following this approach but ...

        Thanks again


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          Re: Found mysterious pin while assembling miter saw

          Some other options:

          1. post a photo of the part here maybe someone will identify it

          2. drive to another home Depot to view their saw display, they may have a saw
          set up then you can scrutinize it for the odd part.

          3. If you studied the parts diagrams and do not see this mystery part..perhaps it
          fell into the box from another tool if the top of the box was open

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            Re: Found mysterious pin while assembling miter saw

            Is it the locking pin on the main pivot, that holds the saw down when in storage or transport?
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              Re: Found mysterious pin while assembling miter saw

              Thanks for the try but the locking pin is much, much larger than the pin I found. This one is only about 1/4" long and probably only about 1/16" in diameter. The saw seems to be working fine so the only think I can think is the pin got into the saw I purchased by mistake as I am fairly certain it was not on the work surface when I started assembling the saw.


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                Re: Found mysterious pin while assembling miter saw

                Your saw may have been sub-assembled on either Monday A.M. or Friday P.M. Why do I say this? I worked for a major auto company at a components plant. We had employees transfer in from the auto assembly plants and they said on Monday A.M.'s and Friday .M.'s they would put extra parts in the glove boxes, inside door panels, anywhere they would make extra noises. Only because it was Monday A.M. or Friday P.M. So buy a car/truck produced on Wednesday, everyone's calmed down by then. David