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Can't find Rigid Pressure Washer RD80763

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  • Can't find Rigid Pressure Washer RD80763

    Drove twenty miles to my local Home Depot store #3517 for the RD80763 pressure washer. Was advised that HD doesn't carry Ridgig brand in Pressure Washers, only Husky. For this particular store.

    I called store #3501 and was told that they don't carry it either. Was instructed to call back after 4:00 p.m. if I want to order.

    Well first, I would like to see one before ordering. I also, called store #3502 in Albuquerque, NM, guess what? They don't carry it.

    I thought thay HD has a contract with Ridgid to carry there power tools.

    Are there any other Ridgid distributor in Albuquerque, NM.

    Not a happy camper with HD. Lowe's is a closer drive.

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    Re: Can't find Rigid Pressure Washer RD80763

    Sorry, sounds like a local / NM thing with the HD's in your area. The stores near me (Ontario, Canada, and over in Michigan) carry plenty of these, in the different models.

    Maybe your store can transfer some in, and/or find the closest store to you that has them in stock? I'm sure if you talked to the hardware manager, they could work with you and help you out. Unfortunately, some store staff just don't want to look beyond what's on the shelves.


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      Re: Can't find Rigid Pressure Washer RD80763

      Indeed. Thanks


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        Re: Can't find Rigid Pressure Washer RD80702

        Apparently Ridgid changed the model number to RD80702. Found one
        There is only one HD who carries it here in Albuquerque considering there are five in the metro area.........Hoping they will have a spring sale shortly