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Problem with K-380 drain cleaning machine

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  • Problem with K-380 drain cleaning machine

    I have used my Ridgid drain cleaning machine, model K-380, about once a year since I bought it three years ago for my home. Somehow the clamp holding the end of the flexable steel cable came loose inside the drum while using the machine and the loose cable is bound up inside the drum and twisted. Is there an easy way to remove the cable so that I can re-clamp the end and rewind it? Right now it is a mess and I have thought about cutting off the top of the drum to remove the cable and buying a new drum Ridgid p/n 86967. I don't know if this part is still available or how much it costs.

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    Re: Problem with K-380 drain cleaning machine

    I would first price the part before cutting it, then make a determination, but I would think I would try to pull the cable out of the drum, only cutting as a last resort.

    and then inspect the cable to see if it was still usable,

    I never have had the problem and from the sound of it hope I never do,

    it looks like the drum is about $110 to $120
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