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Looking for a drill/chuck that fits 3/4" shank bit with 2 flats.

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  • Looking for a drill/chuck that fits 3/4" shank bit with 2 flats.

    I recently bought a Rotabroach 12216 drill bit that I planned to use for drilling holes in data center floor tiles (steel + dry concrete). This bit was recommended by an associate who uses Rotabroach bits to drill through I-beams. I didn't realize until it got here that it's a 3/4 shank with 2 flats. My drill is only a 1/2" chuck with the standard 3-jaw system. I've tried searching everywhere online for this answer. I have a feeling that this bit is designed for a drill press, which isn't an option for on-site work. I need to use a hand-held portable power drill.

    My questions: What kind of drill or chuck adapter do I need to use this bit?

    If I can't use this bit in my portable power drill, do you guys have any recommendations for 1/2" bits that will stand up to layered steel and dry concrete (raised floor tiles)? The titanium and cobalt bits I buy from lowe's typically only last 30-40 tiles.

    I appreciate any help!!

    edit: this page has a picture of my bit:
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    Re: Looking for a drill/chuck that fits 3/4" shank bit with 2 flats.

    First of all I have limited knowledge on this, but did some looking at a mag drills,

    but I do know have any knowledge of the flooring your talking about besides what it is in a general sense. In that it is a raised floor system.

    Basically the cutter (which looks like what your web page shows) is for steel, it is basically a fancy hole saw, and takes less power to run than drilling out a larger hole,
    I would think to use one one would have to have a very solid drill, (may be wrong) but I do not think they use a pilot bit to keep them steady in starting,

    also the bits like that I have seen were more on the design of a steel milling cutter, and would not think they would last any time in concrete.

    so use in a hand held portable unit would be risky I would think

    but one could have a chuck machined that would accept that pit and then shanked to 1/2" chuck, or may be one could buy the chuck from a mag drill with the same thread as your current drill and swap out the chucks for this job.

    here are some adapters than possibly could work to use with the chucked drill,

    really if your getting 30 to 40 holes on the bits you have been using on steel with concrete in it I would think would be really good,

    can you resharpen you own bits? a "drill doctor" may help

    have you called the manufacture of the tile or floor system and see what there recommendations are?

    if this is the company flooring, could you swap them out for the "Hollow Steel Panels" or "Wood Core units", and then drill them instead of the "Steel concrete units",

    may be some one else could chime in and if a diamond bit core bit would work in this situation, and last. (I understand they can be used where there is re-bar in the concrete, or some types of them)
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      Re: Looking for a drill/chuck that fits 3/4" shank bit with 2 flats.

      Your cutter is made to fit into the special spindle on an electro-magnetic base drill press. Please links below for more info.