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Ridgid 4511

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  • Ridgid 4511

    recently bought the 4511 tablesaw, was happy with it, until I called customer service to obtain a locking nut for one of the handwheels that was missing. I didn't think it would be a big deal trying to get a small part that was missing from the original box/pallet, but customer service told me the saws are purchased "AS IS" (which no one at the store told me) and if I need the part I'll have to order one. Does anybody know what size the handwheel locking nuts are, its probably easier just going to Ace Hardware and buying one.

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    Re: Ridgid 4511

    That is absolutely atrocious, and not at all what I have experienced. RIDGID customer support has been excellent with me. I didn't have a bracket for the wheels on my TS3660. I called and they were there within the week, FOC.

    Since when does HD, (or any other retailer) sell new boxed product "as is"? Was it "open box", manager's special or something, or just on clearance? What if the granite had been broken, or the motor defective?

    Whoever you spoke to is in the wrong job. I would call back, and if you get the same story, escalate until it is fixed.


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      Re: Ridgid 4511

      I agree. If the saw was bought new from HD and not a floor model, call back and talk to another rep. If this is really the new stance on CS that Ridgid is taking, I would be VERY surprised.


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        Re: Ridgid 4511

        This is an excellent example of why I write down the names and time of call whenever I contact a CS group. Sounds like you got the royal run around from some chithaid who didn't want to bother. It's also an excellent reason why many of this type of call is "recorded for quality purposes". I'd definitely call back and try another CS ensure they know you're taking down their name, ask them to spell it.

        The nut size should be the same for both wheels, so check the good one for size. If for some reason all else fails with Ridgid, you might see if Steel City will sell you one.


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          Re: Ridgid 4511

          My saw was missing the manual and all the washers, nuts, bolts... for the Herculift. I called ridgid cs about 2 weeks ago and have not yet received them. After 1 week I just bought them at the local hardware store. I still dont have a manual.
          The legset was also scratched. I dont want rust so I called CS to have them replace them. They told me the HD could replace them. HD told me to contact Ridgid.
          Ridgid aint what it is used to be.


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            Re: Ridgid 4511

            I had a crack in my right extension wing and Ridgid shipped a replacement no questions asked.