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    I bought a Ridgid Drill about 6 months ago. Lately it has been acting up. It doesn't seem to hold a charge. At first I thought it just did not like cold weather, but even when it is inside for a long time it still doesn't hold a charge. Do I need a new battery or it the problem with the drill itself?

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    Re: Ridgid Drill


    You shouldn't need a new battery after only six months. You didn't mention whether it was a NiCad or a Li-Ion battery or whether you were getting good indications while the battery is being charged.

    Generally speaking, Li-Ion batteries drain very rapidly in cold weather (at least that is my understanding).

    But regardless, you probably need to take the battery, charger, and the particular drill to a service center for proper analysis. You mentioned that you've had the tool for "six months", which is unfortunate as otherwise you could have exchanged it within 90-days. Still, you are covered under the three year warranty.

    Have you registered for the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement? If not, you should attempt to do so right away! You may be beyond the time frame that they normally accept registration, but I'd attempt to do so anyway. The LLSA will cover your tool, batteries, and charger well after the 3-year warranty has expired... but it requires proper registration.

    I hope this helps,