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Any "Vintage" experts here?

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  • Any "Vintage" experts here?

    Hello to all.

    I'm obviously new here (found you guys through Google)

    I run a self storage facility in Jacksonville and often come across some interesting finds customers leave behind. I've found that forums tend to be great places to gather information on hard to find items.

    The tool in question is a vintage Porter Cable / Rockwell circular saw, model 315. It's in what seems to be an original metal case / tools labeled Rockwell. The saw itself has Porter Cable on it.
    I've searched Google trying to get some info on this, but I haven't found much yet. I did see a Rockwell 315 though. I'm wondering if the branding of this thing changed or is this just in the wrong case?

    I'd love to know what year these were produced and a possible value. I'll post some pictures of it when I find my camera

    The lettering of "Porter Cable" on the guard is fading, but there are no major flaws on it. It works great (I used it to cut some 2 x 4's a couple months back and it cuts better than new ones I've had). I don't know if the cord is original, but I know the plug has been replaced with a more modern 3 prong (most likely an OSHA thing from the previous owner)

    Very cool saw though...

    Any info would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Any "Vintage" experts here?

    Try a Google search for a Porter Cable 315, you'll find quite a few hits.
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      Re: Any "Vintage" experts here?

      Originally posted by BadgerDave View Post
      Try a Google search for a Porter Cable 315, you'll find quite a few hits.
      When you do this, the vast majority of results are for the 315-1....a much newer model. Anyone know how I can filter out the newer model in a search?

      Here's a couple of pictures of this thing