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Battery Problems, Local Service Center?

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  • Battery Problems, Local Service Center?

    I got my first Ridgid combo on 7/31/09 and was very happy with it. Untill the batteries completley failed me on a job 2/8/10 and like a dummy didn't have a back up drill with me and had to run out and pick one up to finish the job. The charger showed a complete charge but I could hold the chuck with my hand. But not to worry with the great warranty. Well one of the reasons I went with ridgid was the lifetime warranty and a company I have done business with for years was listed as a service center. However when I went in I found out that they where not a service center and explained to me that when the talked to Ridgid all they wanted them to do was collect the tools with problems and send them back to them and would not allow them to do any work in house. I then called Ridgid and they gave me the name and number of a service center just a few miles away. I went in with my drill, 2 batteries and charger thinking they would be able to check it out and if it was the batteries give me new ones. They told me it would be a couple of days and I would have to leave everything with them to check out and they would call me. I waited 7 days and called them back I was told that both batteries where bad and they had them on order. I couldn't believe they wouldn't even have batteries in stock I ask if I could pick up my drill and charger because I needed the drill and was going to have to buy another battery. They told me I would have to wait untill the battery's came in and get it all at the same time. After a little discussion about it I found out that they had sent everything back to Ridgid. I am really hopping to find out that this is not the norm and will be able to find a service center that has things in stock like batteries and actually does work in house. Does anybody know if this is the norm. If I don't have my tools back soon I will have to go out and buy another cordless drill and it won't be a Ridgid. I love the tools when they work BUT.

    I live in Melbourne Fl. I look forward to hearing from anyone with any thoughts or ideas
    the shutter man
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    Re: Battery Problems, Local Service Center?

    Jack......You are having the BAD experience with getting battereis replaced. I can tell you that the service center where I took mine tested 4-24 volt batts, 4-18 volt batts, and 3-14.4 volt batts in about ten minutes. The owner told me he purchased a unit from Ridgid to test the batteries. He told me he must purchase the batteries from Ridgid and is then reimbursed by Ridgid when the batteries are provided to the customers under warranty or LSA. He claims his profit from the whole operation is very low and that he justifies doing it based on the traffic it brings in to his store where he can sell them his other products.
    It would seem that the Ridgid service center you used is trying to function without making any investment in testing equipment or battery inventory. It seems strange that Ridgid would allow that to happen, however other reports on this forum would indicate that other service centers are trying to function in that fashion which is a total diservice to the customer. Did your service center give you any estimated date for the return of your tools and the new batteries?
    If their information is unsatisfactory I would try to go to Ridgid customer service directly. I would get all the information on the service center you used including the date they sent your drill and charger in to Ridgid and the order number or information Ridgid could use to find your stuff. I would call Ridgid customer service and ask them if there is any way they can expedite the return of your drill, charger, and new batteries directly to you as you need them for business. I am somewhat doubtful that this will work because Ridgid will probably be forced to return your tools to the service center that sent them in due to a contract. It is worth a try however. Good luck.
    PROBRAND.....How about some help with this Ridgid service center issue?
    It is becoming very evident that not all Ridgid service centers are created or operated in the same fashion. It would be very beneficial if Probrand could give us an overview of how Ridgid service centers are contractualy operated with Ridgid. Currenty we (the customers) are forced to operate on hearsay, rumors, and probably planted misinformation. The owner of the Ridgid service center I use seems like a nice, honest person and I assume he is telling me the truth, however it would be nice to get the official version from someone connected to Ridgid. The current Ridgid service center system is not functioning very well and we have way to many stories similar to poor old Shutter Man. I have to assume that Ridgid wants its customers to have a satisfactory experience at the Ridgid service centers, however the present arrangement of allowing Ridgid service centers to operate without making an investment in testing equipment and batteries is totaly unacceptable. The negative experiences Ridgid customers are having in obtaining reasonable battery replacement times is giving Ridgid and the LSA program a very bad reputation for many on this forum and in the marketplace. Obviously Ridgid's competitors will gleefully report this information to detract from Ridgid's reputation.
    Suggestions for battery testing and replacement at Ridgid service centers.
    1-Obtain a list of Ridgid service centers in your area by using the "Ridgid service center locator" obtained by following the "Ridge Tool Co." thread at the bottom of this page.
    2-Call the Service centers nearest you. There is a handy mileage number for each one on the list.
    -Ask them if they have equipment for battery testing in their place of business.
    -Ask them if they have an inventory of the batteries you want replaced in stock.
    -If they answer no to either question I would move on to the next Ridgid service center on the list. Obviously if they have the testing equipment but don't have the batteries, you might ask if the batts are on order and when they expect them to arrive. You might ask what other battery voltages they currently have in inventory. You are trying to determine if the service center you are talking with is actually in business to provide you with assistance or is a "on the cheap" operation with no testing equipment or inventory of batteries which will leave you dissipointed and frustrated and with a shortage of operating tools. The place that I used carries a complete inventory of all battery voltages including, surprisingly, the 9.6 volt only used in one tool that I know of. As a point of information, a year or so ago I did a search of Ridgid service centers in a 50 mile radius of Syracuse,NY and got a hit of three if I remember correctly. When I did the search one month ago I only got one which is the one I used and seems to be a professional operation. Maybe this is an indication that Ridgid is winnowing out the poor performers. (Again, it would be nice to hear the story from someone of authority and knowledge from Ridgid)
    Sorry if I hijacked your thread Shutter man. I have been waiting for an opportunity to post on this issue and your unfortunate situation triggered it. Good luck with your situation and please tell us how you make out. I suggest you reporting the name of the Ridgid service center that would not seem to have provided you with very effective service. We customers need to find out which of the Ridgid service centers are actually providing service and those that are operating under name only.......Ray
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      Re: Battery Problems, Local Service Center?

      You mean there could be Authorized Service Centers out there that don't have the necessary equipment to provide authorized service? Wouldn't you think that having the necessary equipment in place would be part of the process to become Authorized?

      Time after time we keep hearing about the lack of service at some service centers. You would think that after almost 7 years Ridge Tool/Emerson and TTI/OWT would have done something about it wouldn't you? I understand the concept that more people are likely to complain than there are those that will praise but there is also the point that where there is one vocal complaint there is likely many more who remain silent.

      I just don't understand why after all this time that this still remains such a big problem.
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        Re: Battery Problems, Local Service Center?

        So then the local UPS Store down the street can become an authorized service center too? If all they have to do is package the tools and send them off to RIDGID, I would rather just take it to the shipper myself.


        I also hate when they (Porter-Cable) discontinue a tool and replace it with a new model that has a new look but exact same features as the discontinued model. The new look changes the battery mount, making it impossible to use new batteries off the shelf on your one year old tool. Few stores are willing to carry accessories for discontinued tools.